We carry out full-fledged maritime operations, that is we manage a ship from its berthing alongside a quay pursuant to the national administrative and regulatory provisions to its departure from Dakar Harbour.

SIMAR s.a represents some big ship-owners of regular and tramp lines working in the field of the transportation of containers and various goods, and has exclusive rights as concerns the handling and shipping of Thai corporation-chartered ships for Senegal.

Our activities cover:

Consignation tramp vessels

  • Husbanding, protecting agency,
  • Ship to ship services,
  • Transit (Air & Sea) related to ships (spare parts, ...)
  • Shipchandlers
  • Bunkering (soutes)

Our efficiency and rigor in these different areas have allowed us to have the exclusivity of handling and consignment for ships chartered by Thai companies to Senegal


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